Friday, October 12, 2012

Nokia Asha 311 Review.

     I got this phone for 2 days already. Do not ask me how, I do not want to remember it, bad memories, really bad. Anyway, I am now back to basic. Back to my first love, Nokia. One thing that this crazy experience taught me is to be CONTENTED. I always wanted more, even though I know I cannot afford it or it is really not needed. Well, we always need to go through some shit, right? For us to learn something. Sad but am thankful it happened. I will now start to give a review of the phone. Sorry for the drama. :D

     So this is the Nokia Asha 311, new unit/model of Nokia. I just randomly saw it and it was like love at first sight. I like the simplicity and the 1Ghz processor of it. It is S40, it is not Symbian, I do not know what the S means. Sorry. It comes with different  colors, Pink, White, Black, Blue. I got Black, it's my favorite. It's 3G, it has WiFi too. Camera is 3.2mp, good enough. It has Facebook and Twitter too, I do not like that I cannot check in and tag friends on Facebook and see my mentions on Twitter but it will do. I can live with it. It comes with a 2gig memory card too. Amazing. The interface is like a Meego OS, like my Mom's N9. Cute. The screen is a little bit small, smaller than Samsung Galaxy Young but with my small hands, guess it's fine. I would love to post screenshots of it but I am still trying to research how to do it. I hope someone will teach me how. You can also chat with this phone, Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger and Gtalk. You can also check you emails, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail. Cool enough, eh? There are also nice games, but am not really into games. There are dictionary, weather and Nokia Store. I also like the Qwerty keypad. Always love Qwerty. It is a good phone, simple but good enough. I like it. If you are looking for a 2nd phone for a different number or whatever, get this. Cute and stylish. I totally love it. I believe it is only around 5,400 pesos to 5,650 pesos. Good buy. Go get one! That's it for now. Thank you for reading.

Actual photos. Taken using iPad 3.