Sunday, March 17, 2013

iPhone 4s.

So this is my first ever Apple device. My very own. I had to go through hell before I had this. Like seriously, I won't be telling how because I really don't want to remember it. I am just happy I got it now and I thank my mom so much for it. This was her advance Christmas Gift for me. I got this last November 22, 2012. It was unexpected, she just woke me up then told me, go buy your iPhone. I was the happiest, still am. :)

I was choosing between Samsung Galaxy S3 or this. I thought of their disadvantages and advantages. I've been an Android team for a year or 2 and I wanted a change. I thought S3 is too big for my small hands too so I decided to go with iPhone 4s and I don't regret at all. It's just a great phone. Yes, for me it's Great. I feel so contented. I don't feel jealous anymore and I don't feel wanting to sell or change phone anymore. :)     

I really didn't know how to use this but I learned and I am still learning. I love that I can download good application, resolution is very good. It is fast. Sound is great. Pictures have very very good quality. I read a lot of ebooks using this. I love the imessage that it has. I love the icloud email. Texting is very convenient. It's a phone people must have. HAHA! I don't have problems with this phone except that it got me addicted collecting and buying cases for it. Thank goodness I stopped buying, I'm broke already. Like so much. HAHA! :)

Below are that actual photos of my phone and all of my cases. That's all I got left. I gave a couple of cases to my good friends. :)

1st photo or the photo of my phone is taken using my brother's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, edited on my iPhone using Fotorus, it's a free app. 

2nd photo or the photo of my cases is taken using my phone, edited using Fotorus. I bought the cases here in our place ( Zamboanga City), most of them are from CHEAKEEKAY, go search her on Instagram. :)


Sunday, March 3, 2013


This is my 2nd ink. I'm the happiest. After 8 years, finally. My inspiration for this Tattoo is Adele. Yes, The Adele. I want something simple and this is it. J for Jasper of course. My 1st tattoo is a butterfly, made in Bangkok. The 2nd is in Manila, cost me a bit but it's fine. It's a gift for myself. I love it. Thanks, Ouch Tattoo located in Robinson's Place Manila. You the best! :D

Planning for another tattoo but I need to save up again. Thanks everyone. :D