Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ateneo Fiesta 2010. ☺

I feel the AtFest fever much.
Tiring but absolutely fun.
These photos are just from the 1st and 2nd day.
More to come.
Excited for the Alumni Homecoming.


Photos 1 to 3 is the entrance of our school.

My baby sister's henna tattoo. :)

Shakes with our names and flavors on it. Yummy!
Mine's the 1st one, then at Val's and Jen's.

With ate Val, watching different games.
The Crowd, Opening Program of Ateneo Fiesta 2010.

College Night invitation? Or something to remind us.
Wasn't able to attend though.

CSIT VS. High School. Volleyball.

CSIT VS. Accountancy. Basketball.

CSIT VS. Accountancy. Soccer.

Photos taken using my Nokia C3.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Party Party! ☺

Went out with my High school friends last Friday, November 19, 2010. Twas not planned, my Bff who was my classmate from Grade 1 to 4th year High School texted me, she'll be treating us becuase she'll be leaving soon. I couldn't say No of course, it's my bff and it'll be a long time again that we'll be seeing each other again. It's also the 4 of us, since the others can't. We had dinner at some resto here in our place, ATOA. We had so much fun and we really wanted to stop the time or time to stop. HAHA! We just ate a bit, laughed and laughed and talked and talked. Twas one of the happiest.

(Left to right) Joanna, Me and Bff Aya.

Joanna and I.

Queenie and Bff Aya.

That's what we ate and that is my hand. HAHA! Maki, Chicken Lollipop, Seafood something and Beef something. It all taste so good. Trust me. :)

And finally, I am with my Bff Aya. She's currently in Manila processing her papers. I still don't know when she's leaving the country or when will she be back here. I am just happy that I was able to spend time with her before she left. We'll surely keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter.

To my Bff, you take care ha? Keep me posted. Missing you and I love you always bff. Xoxo. ☺

Photos taken from my Bff's BB 8900.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

C3 addict. ☺

Nothing. I just love my C3 much even though it's not the Pink one. A friend wanted a photo of my phone with jelly case so here. Taken using mom's Nokia C5-00 again. ☺

Photos taken using Mom's Nokia C5-00.

Screen Shots of my Nokia C3. ☺

Used Nokia Screen Dumper via Nokia Ovi Suite.
And thanks to mom for her N900's USB Cord.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nokia C3 FEVER. ☺

So here, My Nokia C3s. That is in order by the way. This is the very first time that it happened to me. I never had same unit of phone with all different colors. I did not have that all just once though. I am not that rich to afford that three. I had to sell my previous phones to have those Nokia C3. Well it won't really end up this way if I did not force myself to change the casing of my Hot Pink Nokia C3 all by myself. You can see what happened to it here. And seriously downgraded myself from Nokia E71 to this Nokia C3, it's a bit sad but I am happy too. It's a new unit with new features. It might not have a good camera, a dictionary, apps to open ms files and some OS but I still can do the tradional way, the digi cam, a real dictionary, desktop or laptop for ms files and as long as the phone works well to send group messages, calls and a wifi, I can live with it just fine. Positivity and Good vibes all the way. And oh, my ovi account is sweetheartnohay@ovi.com, ADD me. That's it. Thank you so much. Way to go Nokia and C3-00 users. PARTY PARTY!! ☺

Nokia C3 Slate Grey. ☺

And yes, I am back to Nokia C3. ☺ HAHA! After having the Hot Pink and Golden White. It's Slate Grey this time. Well, after the Samsung Corby Wifi. I wanted a Hot Pink Nokia C3 again but when I went to the mall, they only had this and the Golden White and since I had the Golden White before, I chose the Slate Grey this time. As usual, I still love it. The S40 Qwerty phone with Wifi. Even though the phone before this is better still I prefer to have it because of the Qwerty keypad. I really like it too because it has YM, Ovi Chat and other chat thingy and Email too that is so fast to use, unlike E71 and other phones that I've used, you need to configure this and that but with Nokia C3, all you need is your email add and password and done. I am loving the Slate Grey color too, the front is so glossy than the Hot Pink and Golden White. Nothing new really, I know its features already, its advantages and disadvantages and my feelings did not change, I am still loving Nokia C3. I do not know if after a month or two I'll have another phone but for now, I am so happy with my Nokia C3. I'll keep you posted for anything though. ☺

By the way, below are the rest of the actual photos of my Slate Grey Nokia C3, I took all those photos using my mom's Nokia C5 this time. Thanks and Enjoy! ☺

More of Samsung S3653W aka Samsung Corby Wifi :)

I've had the Samsung Corby Wifi in my hands for a month and a couple of days. I can say it's one hell of a phone. Good job Samsung! My previous review of this phone, Click here, is just about the outside, that time I haven't explored it much yet. So after weeks of using everything, I loved it really. The 2 megapixel cam is very enjoying to use, it is clear even at night, thanks to its night mode. The Facebook and Twitter widgets is the coolest. The browsing of the internet is so satisfying. I also really enjoyed the Google Maps, I played with it. HAHA! The dictionary is very useful too, my brother would even borrow my phone to look for some words in the dictionary. The size fits my small hands just right. Everything about it is great. Every little thing but I think I am really not meant to use a Touch Screen phone. I am a text addict and touch screen is not really friendly to use for someone like me. I sold it last week for a very low price, took me 2 weeks I think until it was sold. It's sad but I need to move on. Now I am back with Qwerty and that will be my next post. ☺