Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nokia C3 FEVER. ☺

So here, My Nokia C3s. That is in order by the way. This is the very first time that it happened to me. I never had same unit of phone with all different colors. I did not have that all just once though. I am not that rich to afford that three. I had to sell my previous phones to have those Nokia C3. Well it won't really end up this way if I did not force myself to change the casing of my Hot Pink Nokia C3 all by myself. You can see what happened to it here. And seriously downgraded myself from Nokia E71 to this Nokia C3, it's a bit sad but I am happy too. It's a new unit with new features. It might not have a good camera, a dictionary, apps to open ms files and some OS but I still can do the tradional way, the digi cam, a real dictionary, desktop or laptop for ms files and as long as the phone works well to send group messages, calls and a wifi, I can live with it just fine. Positivity and Good vibes all the way. And oh, my ovi account is, ADD me. That's it. Thank you so much. Way to go Nokia and C3-00 users. PARTY PARTY!! ☺

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  1. Nice screenshots! You've got a lot of Nokia C3s! Guess you really love that model ;-)