Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nokia C3 Slate Grey. ☺

And yes, I am back to Nokia C3. ☺ HAHA! After having the Hot Pink and Golden White. It's Slate Grey this time. Well, after the Samsung Corby Wifi. I wanted a Hot Pink Nokia C3 again but when I went to the mall, they only had this and the Golden White and since I had the Golden White before, I chose the Slate Grey this time. As usual, I still love it. The S40 Qwerty phone with Wifi. Even though the phone before this is better still I prefer to have it because of the Qwerty keypad. I really like it too because it has YM, Ovi Chat and other chat thingy and Email too that is so fast to use, unlike E71 and other phones that I've used, you need to configure this and that but with Nokia C3, all you need is your email add and password and done. I am loving the Slate Grey color too, the front is so glossy than the Hot Pink and Golden White. Nothing new really, I know its features already, its advantages and disadvantages and my feelings did not change, I am still loving Nokia C3. I do not know if after a month or two I'll have another phone but for now, I am so happy with my Nokia C3. I'll keep you posted for anything though. ☺

By the way, below are the rest of the actual photos of my Slate Grey Nokia C3, I took all those photos using my mom's Nokia C5 this time. Thanks and Enjoy! ☺

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