Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello, there. How is everyone? So, I've been lazy to post something. But I will try to again. I think I need this. Where I can let things out since I have no one to talk to here. What have I been up to? I was in Manila summer, with my mom, accompanying her. Until I realized that what I graduated isn't enough so I decided to study again. Means I will be away again, I won't be seeing my mom for a little while. And yes, I'm back in Zamboanga. Studying again, taking up Economics. Why econ? Because it's one of the fastest course that I can get a degree and to graduate right away. Seriously, it's hard but I like the challenge. It's funny because I told myself I hate reporting and it's what I do almost every week, report. God gave it to me. Makes me feel loved by God. I hope I can do this. Please include me in your prayers. I don't know if this post made sense but whatever. I will be back soon. Be posting more. Take care and God bless.