Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Few hours from now, it's Goodbye August and Hello September. August has been good to me, extra good. And I am so thankful and blessed. Thank You, August. Thank You, Lord, to my family, Chikkas, and friends. Till then, Love. :)

September babies, my Dad, my sister, my bestfriends Ian, Duanne, Bam-Bam, Ghia, my cousins and everyone else celebrating their birthday on that month, Party Party! Ü

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happiness. ♥

Credits to my best friend for this photo. OMG! This made my bad day super good, last night. Those photos were taken during my birthday. That's why I'm in middle, they said. Really really funny. That's why we're friends and that's why I love them so much. We lack one though and we really miss you, Lalu. Thank You, Lord for giving me really cool friends. I am blessed! :D


What else can I ask for? I have best people in the world. They're the craziest. Crazy because they make me so happy. And I love them so much. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

23 is the new 18.. =D

Celebrated my birthday two days ago and twas a blast. I threw a party but it was just a small party. Invited few close friends from different part of my life? HAHA! I do not know if it is right. Friends from my early college years, friends from my college years at the moment, grade school and high school friends. And of course my relatives. I was and still the happiest. I thank them all and most especially GOD. Last night, I can't help myself from crying while thanking God for everything during the mass. I feel so loved and blessed. And blessing are still coming. I am sometimes scared of what it is I get in return but I do not mind, I just THANK GOD for everything, good or bad, happy or sad. This is one of the happiest birthday that I ever had.


Special mention..

To my ACON babies, Kimmee, Irish, Mhae, Marj and Bon..
To my Commerce best friends, Ting Ghia, Anak Gep and Joyce..
And my CHIKKAS, Queenie, Bff Aya, Joanna, Mami Kaye, (Lalu, we miss you.), Ian and Gelo..
Thank you for coming, for spending my birthday with me. You made me really really happy. You just do not know how much it means to me. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Again, THANK YOU, LORD. And EVERYONE who greeted me through FB, Twitter, Text, Call, Personally, in any way. THANK YOU SO MUCH! God bless you, me, us, everyone. Good vibes all the way. XOXO.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Evolution. :))

These are photos of me attending the Ateneo de Zamboanga University CSIT Acquaintance party. Funny. HAHAHA! :))

Heaven.. Ü

I am so happy, I can now die. :D :D Midterms is so done and went out with my Chikkas. The plan was to try KFC's Tower Burger and we did. Twas big and YUMMYYYYY. :) Then went here and there after that and laugh like there's no tomorrow. I'm just really happy. Thank You, Lord for this day! Ü

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My newest baby. Samsung GT S3850 aka Samsung Corby II. :)

Yes, back to touch screen. AGAIN. HAHA! Ü This is the Samsung GT S3850 aka Samsung Corby II. I sold my Nokia E63. And bought this. I think I have this phone for a week or 2. I like to think of it as an early birthday gift for myself, again. Just like my Pink Nokia C3. :) I am so happy that they had the Pink one. I mean I'd rather have the pink than the yellow, white or orange. :D I wasn't really sure about this phone but I read reviews, watched videos of it and I kind of like it. That's how I ended up with this. So when I bought it, I right away tried it out, of course, who wouldn't? HAHA! Its different features like the facebook and twitter widget, so cool. And I loved the chat or IM thing that it has. You can go online on your YM, Facebook, MSN and Gtalk using this phone. It also has a little multitasking which is not bad at all. And after having different Samsung Phones, low end phones, I am so happy that it has themes, you can download themes and it's really cool. It has only 1 font though not like the Samsung Star and Corby Wifi but I believe it'll be available soon. I like the text style too, it has two options, Chat like and the regular one, Folder View. AND! It can do screen shot too without connecting it to the pc or downloading anything. Just click the Menu button and Lock button together and it'll give you a notification then you can check the photo in the gallery. Really cool. To see some screen shots, it is in my post before this. :D It is only 4,790 by the way. Unit included of course, manual, headset and charger. There's no memory card and Usb cable but good thing I have those already. I saw some videos that it has extra back cover but I think here in the Philippines, it is not included. 1 reason why its price is that cheap. But yeah, I am really happy and satisfied with this phone. Camera is good enough and music. GREAT PHONE. Really. For someone wanting a simple Touch screen phone, LIKE ME! :D

More photos below of my Samsung Corby II. Used a Nokia C5-00 to take all these photos. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


These are Screen Shots or Screen Capture of my new Phone. Samsung GT-S3850. So I just sold my Nokia E63 to a Friend and I bought this. Not what I expected, it's a good phone and affordable. The features are actually cool, it doesn't show in the price. I think it is cheaper because they didn't include 2 extra back cover, Usb cable and memory card in it. I think it's just available in other countries. But tis good, really good. And these screen shots are so easy to do, you do not have to connect this to your pc, you just have to hold the MENU button and LOCK button together and it will give you a notification that you're able to do a screen shot or screen capture of your phone. Good thing too they had the pink when I bought this, I didn't want the yellow, white or orange. I'd rather have this pink even though it's too girly. HAHA! You can also chat using this phone, facebook, ym, gtalk. Amazing. And it has multitasking too. I'm really not sure what the OS is, if it is BADA or just Samsung's OS. But it's really cool. I'm still adjusting with texting through touchscreen though. It has available themes too not like the other Samsung phones that I had before. It doesn't have font yet. That's just the default but I'm okay with it. So, that's it. I'll be posting the actual photo of my phone soon. Thanks! :D

Happy birthday, Auntie Neneng..

We Love You! ♥