Thursday, January 29, 2015


WOW! My last post was last August 24, 2014. It's been months. I was not able to post for the reason that I have no stable connection. 2014 was crazy, very different year from all the years. I stayed in Manila for almost eight months. I learned so much there, good and bad. I've been happy and sad. For the first two months of 2014, I was in Australia with my family. Things were not really good because I had problems with my visa but I tried to enjoy every second of it. I was able to study for I think three weeks, made some good friends. I did some drinking sesh with Mom's office mates. I was able to go to Melbourne and around Canberra. It was fun, really fun. I am in love with Australia, with Canberra specifically. And the only thing I want to happen is to be back in Canberra, to be with my Mom, to start anew. I hope the Lord God will give it to me. So anyway, I arrived in Manila last March 10, 2014. Few hours since I got there, crazy things happened already, memorable ones, not good stuff but it is something I cannot forget. And I passed the IELTS exam! I could not believe it but the one month self review helped. I went to NSO and NBI alone and it felt so good. I did it! It was sad though, I was alone in the condo, I just cried and cried. I am missing my mom so much, until now. To be with her is all I want. After three months of staying in the condo, I transferred where my brother was staying, in a dormitory. I was in different room, I had two roommates, both are working. I was not aware that I was capable of dealing with those kind of things. I learned to wash my clothes, iron them, to eat what I can afford, it was pretty difficult, I was not used to that kind of living but I survived. Having my brother with me was a big help. I would not know what to do if he was not there with me. I went crazy, it was like I got out of the prison when I stayed in the dorm. I made new friends, I was able to get to know some people deeper and I am not happy really. HAHA! But I am still glad they were part of my life, I learned something from them. I enjoyed coffee so much, coffee and someone you can talk to, it is just the best. Thank you, Kuya Dave. I had a lot of gay friends, something new for me but really fun. I love them, they mean so much to them. They saw me crazy and all, we did a lot of drinking sesh. HAHA! Late 2014, I learned about me being a Diabetic. It was sad, had to stop eating the foods I am used to and lessen some. I am still working on it. November 2, 2014, back to my hometown, Zamboanga. I did not really felt happy but I had no choice. Surprisingly, the best! Dad, grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles, happiness and of course good old friends. I had one drinking sesh here and it is enough. Not anymore, I hope. There are also things that happened which I cannot share here. HAHA! And it is also the year when my Uncle got sick, stroke. He is now recovering, slowly. Thank You, Lord. The year ended okay, I am still alive, family is still alive but it would have been better if all of us were together. I miss my mom so much. She is everything to me. I just really hope I will be with her soon. I am flying back to Manila next month to submit my visa requirements. I hope you could spare me a minute to pray for a good result. Hear and grant our petition, Lord. Okay, I wrote too long but it feels good to write. It has been awhile. I will try to update again soon but I do not think it will be possible. No stable connection again, back to washing clothes and all those. We will see, hope things will fall into place. Lord, always guide and protect me, my family and everyone. Thank you. Until then!