Friday, August 5, 2011


These are Screen Shots or Screen Capture of my new Phone. Samsung GT-S3850. So I just sold my Nokia E63 to a Friend and I bought this. Not what I expected, it's a good phone and affordable. The features are actually cool, it doesn't show in the price. I think it is cheaper because they didn't include 2 extra back cover, Usb cable and memory card in it. I think it's just available in other countries. But tis good, really good. And these screen shots are so easy to do, you do not have to connect this to your pc, you just have to hold the MENU button and LOCK button together and it will give you a notification that you're able to do a screen shot or screen capture of your phone. Good thing too they had the pink when I bought this, I didn't want the yellow, white or orange. I'd rather have this pink even though it's too girly. HAHA! You can also chat using this phone, facebook, ym, gtalk. Amazing. And it has multitasking too. I'm really not sure what the OS is, if it is BADA or just Samsung's OS. But it's really cool. I'm still adjusting with texting through touchscreen though. It has available themes too not like the other Samsung phones that I had before. It doesn't have font yet. That's just the default but I'm okay with it. So, that's it. I'll be posting the actual photo of my phone soon. Thanks! :D

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