Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More of Samsung S3653W aka Samsung Corby Wifi :)

I've had the Samsung Corby Wifi in my hands for a month and a couple of days. I can say it's one hell of a phone. Good job Samsung! My previous review of this phone, Click here, is just about the outside, that time I haven't explored it much yet. So after weeks of using everything, I loved it really. The 2 megapixel cam is very enjoying to use, it is clear even at night, thanks to its night mode. The Facebook and Twitter widgets is the coolest. The browsing of the internet is so satisfying. I also really enjoyed the Google Maps, I played with it. HAHA! The dictionary is very useful too, my brother would even borrow my phone to look for some words in the dictionary. The size fits my small hands just right. Everything about it is great. Every little thing but I think I am really not meant to use a Touch Screen phone. I am a text addict and touch screen is not really friendly to use for someone like me. I sold it last week for a very low price, took me 2 weeks I think until it was sold. It's sad but I need to move on. Now I am back with Qwerty and that will be my next post. ☺

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