Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Bff is ♥. (:


something happened last march 17, 2010 (can't tell it, too personal..) to a good and very long time friend of mine.. i was not really happy that it happened but i am happy with what it thought and made me and everyone around us realize.. i am happy that i was able to help my Bff in my own little ways.. also i'm thankful to her "love of her life" for being there always at her side no matter what.. i am not boasting that i am a good and true friend for the help that i did.. it's just that, it felt really good to be able to be there for her in the time that she badly needed somebody, she needed people that she could trust.. it was also the chance for me to let her feel and show how much i loved and cared for her.. how i really treasured the friendship that we had since kindergarten years.. it made me feel so special too that she cared enough to let me know her whereabouts and what is happening in her life from time to time.. and with that, it brought us close together, super close.. the fights that we had, the misunderstandings, the not talking to each other is now a history to us.. we've matured.. a lot.. the problems that we are having now is something serious already.. it's not the "kiddie stuff" fight anymore.. i am now confident that i have someone in my ups and downs in life.. and she has me too.. ALWAYS.. i am very happy that we are still friends.. best friends.. it made me love her more.. it made me believe in the sayings or phrases like.. "true friends" "best friends forever" we've agreed to work this friendship out.. to make it last forever.. and i know we will..

i love you RAYHANA "AYA" BAYOT,
i love you Bff. :)

♥ ♥ ♥

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