Monday, March 15, 2010

My own review of Samsung Star Gt-S5233S.

I have always wanted a touch screen phone. Specifically Iphone, like badly. But sad to say we can't afford it. And one day, a friend of my brother, Sanette Candice Margaja was selling her phone for like half the price from when she bought it. Bought for like 10thou, sold for 5thou and now 8thou in the market. :D It is not Iphone but it's a touch screen phone. And it is SAMSUNG STAR GT-S5233S :) I had a samsung phone before, it is nice but i didn't really like the battery, it could just last for a day, and i had that impression since then about samsung phones. But this STAR that i have, changed the way i looked at samsung phones. REALLY. :D

Major Specs:
Edge Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)
3.2MP FF Camera
Touchwiz 1.0
Online Widget
Mp3 Player
Fm Radio

For full specs, you can click HERE.

So there. :D

My review, it is so great. :) It's not Iphone but i am already contented with it. REALLY CONTENTED. Been using this phone for almost 2 months already. I am so loving it. :) The TouchScreen is responsive, fast. Music is good, loud enough. :) Camera is fine, clear enough, it doesn't have a flash though, but still it is fine. It has NO WIFI by the way. :) But I can still surf the net and it's just right. :) It has also a gesture control, you just have to write a letter in the screen and it goes to what application you've assigned that letter. Like you assigned letter "L" to music player, so write L in the screen and it goes right away to the player. Very cheap phone but great features and good phone. And the battery, it could last for days, really, even when i use it for texting, listening to music, taking pictures, calls. I just love this phone so much. I have no regret in buying this. Thanks to my brother's friend again. :) That's it. Above is the picture of the phone that I am talking about. It is with a Silicon Case. :)

ILoveMySamsungStar ♥


  1. nice :)
    I didn't know that they have Samsung Star in this color :p