Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old post from my deleted BLOG.

Source: My multiply ACCOUNT.

Bella was sitting at the chapel.
Edward texted Bella asking where she is.
He said to Bella that he's in town.
Bella went and they sadi hi and hello.
Edward was going away from her.
So Bella went back to the chapel.
Edward asked AGAIN where Bella is.
Bella told Edward she's in chapel again.
Edward said Bella's bad, Edward's suppose to treat him for a snack but Bella left.
So Bella went to where Edward is again.
but Edward was talking to someone on the phone so Bella didn't bother and left.
She was in the chapel again and Edward texted her and said sorry.
To make it up, Edward offered Bella a ride home.
Bella said okay, if you're not busy.

then BOOM, Edward didn't reply so Bella went home.

What you think? (:

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