Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am crazy over ..

Samsung Star (No Wifi)

Samsung Corby Txt

Nokia E71

I am just a student and we are not rich so I do not have those Nokia, Samsung, Lg phones that are way too expensive and BB and IPhone too. This is what I am capable of. So far Nokia E71 is my greatest phone I can say, everything is there but I got bored with it, really. I do not know why.

My first touch screen was the Samsung Star, I was madly in love with it but I sold it because it did not have wifi. Then I got the Samsung Corby Txt, I was so happy because it was a qwerty phone. Was also really in love with it too but still it did not have a wifi. And Nokia E71 finally was in my hands, I was going crazy over it, I enjoyed the wifi and everything about it but like I said earlier I got bored with it.

Take Note, these 3 are all 2nd hands, HAHA! But they are really in a good condition, I bought Samsung Star from my brother's friend, she used it like 4 months only and sold it for like half the price of the brand new. The Corby txt, I bought it from some online website and was used for less than a month and the Nokia E71 was given to me by my mom, I know how she take care of her things. All in good condition and I sold it too in good condition. So far the people who bought it was satisfied. :)

So touch screen, qwerty, qwerty and now back to touch screen. And this time, my Nokia 5530 is brand new. I am planning on selling it AGAIN and maybe buy a Samsung Star with WIFI already or the new Nokia C3 but Nokia 5530 has better features than the Star and C3. So I might stay with it. But I really do not know yet. Will let you know soon.

Thank you.
♥ ♥

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