Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nokia C3 Hot Pink. Ü

I finally made up my mind to sell my 2 weeks Nokia 5530 XM to buy a Nokia C3. Finally, I'm back to Qwerty. ☺

I bought this just yesterday (Aug. 21, 2010), I am loving it though it's just a simple phone, nothing much with it really, no OS, Camera with No flash but I think I can live with it. The fact that it has a WiFi is enough for me. The battery also is good, it last 2 to 3 days. I think this phone is just right, just what I want, Qwerty keypad, wifi and a 3.5 mm jack. ☺

The unit comes with the manual, battery, charger, earphone. It lacks memory card and a Usb Cord but I have them now already. I got the 4GB memory card from my Nokia 5530 XM, I did not sell it. HAHA! And the Usb Cord from my mom, she is not using it at all, she just use her Nokia N900 to text and call. Tsk. When I bought this unit, it has a free Sim Card (Smart) that I think I will not be using since I am a Globe subscriber. I'm just going to keep it. ☺

So for the conclusion, if you are a type of a person who doesn't want much, just the basic with a WiFi, then I recommend Nokia C3. You will surely like it. Because I am now! ☺

Below are more photos of my Nokia C3. I used the camera of my mom's Nokia N900 to take all those shots. Thank you everyone. Enjoy!

Everything. ☺

Photo gallery feat my Loves, Enrique and Usher.

Send someone a message. ☺

1 of the messages I got.
Thanks tita for the advance greeting. ☺

Complete Set.

Front View.

Zoom in of the Back View.
The Camera and the speaker. ☺

Full View of the Back. ☺

Unit and the Box. ☺

Some of the featured specs. ☺

That's all for now. Thank you again. ☺

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