Sunday, September 12, 2010

My baby sister's 7th birthday. ☺

So, here are few of my baby sister's birthday party photos. And these are just from my Mobile. I haven't uploaded the ones from our digicam yet. Her birthday is really on September 8 but we celebrated it on September 10. Twas in a hotel, poolside so after the party we all went swimming. There were clowns too in her birthday, ice cream and cotton candies.

1st photo is my baby sister and her cake and all. 2nd photo is her cake after the party. 3rd photo is a help to lead you the way of the venue. 4th photo is the give aways for the adults. It is what is in here, it is a fan, you get to fold it and put in the little sorta like purse.

Anyway, twas fun and my effort was all worth it. Happy 7th birthday again to my sister. Party Party!

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