Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving on.. :)

So, photo says it all. It has officially ended just last Saturday, 4.2.11. Sad but at least things are clear now, I'm not left hanging already. Right? Didn't expect that it'll end too early. :|

I still have questions though, like What did I really do? Was my love not enough? Was it too much? Did he really loved me? Or he just wanted to try how relationship works? All these are left unanswered and I think it would be better that way. What's your say? I also think to myself that maybe he was never really attracted to me physically, but I wish he saw the beauty inside me. Friends say I didn't do anything bad, "Nagmahal lang daw ako." I do not really know what to say with that. Sigh. But I am so thankful to have my friends, they are the ones helping me move on, giving me advices and keeping me company. So blessed. And God too. For being there always.

I miss him, his smile, laugh, eyes, his hands that I love to hold, his voice, all of him. I am not fine, I am hurting, I am sad and it's really part of it that I must face. I just hope to be fine soon. Please pray for me.

I wish him well, with his life, career and all. I do not regret anything I said and done for him. It was all real. It was all with love, from my heart. I will never forget you. God bless to us all. :)

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  1. Ay, so sorry to know that...ang lungkot naman. Naranasan ko rin dati to fall in love, tapos I tried to be the best girlfriend, pero napunta sa wala lang. I used to think na corny yung sa movies, yung grabe ang iyak pag nag break. Nung naranasan ko na, I understood. Ang sakit sakit pala talaga, parang sasabog ang puso kung hindi iiyak. But ayoko ring maging pareho sa iba na ilang araw, ilang linggo yung iyak ng iyak, so I pushed my self to accept the fact na di na kami magkabalikan, and I forced myself to be happy again, to look at the bright side of things, and to hope for good things in the future, kahit wala siya. But God does love us... kita mo naman, kahit na broken hearted ako dati, eh I ended up with a super gorgeous husband na super din ang bait! :-D Don't worry, kasi alam ko, darating din ang para sa yo, someone a lot better in ways that really matter. Just stay positive and beautiful... God loves you.