Monday, May 30, 2011

Nikka's Birthday! Ü

Up (Left to Right) Hazel, Joanna, Queenie, Thrina, Me.
Down (Left to Right) Riggs, NIKKA and Gretchen.

Girls! ☺

Me with Queenie, Joanna and Hazel. ☺

May 27, 2011. Nikka's 22nd birthday. So happy to see her. The last time I went to visit her was I think a year ago or 2. She's better and I'm so happy. She's one of my bestest friend. I love her much. I'm also happy to be with my friends, good and old. Twas one fun night. After Nikka's birthday, we planned to go somewhere to have a coffee. We ended up at Paseo and had a Hot Chocolate. Again, twas one fun night. Thank You, Lord. :)

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