Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review of my Samsung Galaxy Young.

Finally, I am now an Android user. 1st time Android user and I am so happy. Here's how I got this phone, I had a dilemma between Android or Blackberry. But I had a great feeling that it'll be Android since I cannot afford even the cheapest BB phone. I saw this phone from a friend who recommended it to another friend of mine and I was like, Whoa! Cheapest Android phone with good specs and features. So there, I sold my old Nokia E71 to a good friend and bought this right away. And yes, no regrets. Way better. Though I am not into touch screen but I love it. So much. With 5,890 pesos, I had the unit, 2GB memory card, Usb cable, earphone, charger, manual, cd and of course, it has Android OS with it. What more can I ask? The only problem that I have is the camera, it's only 2mp but it's good enough, thanks for the night mode. My memory card is too small but I can deal with it. Maybe when I have enough money, I can buy a higher gig of memory card. The touch screen is great, fast, love it. And lots of application available, one advantage of Android. I love the Qwerty keypad too. I am recommending this phone to anyone who's planning to get this. It's a great buy. Not bad for an android phone. I still can't believe I'm an Android user already. It's almost 2 weeks since I had this phone and I am still very in love with it.

Below are actual photos of my Phone. Taken using my Mom's Nokia N900.

Thank You, Lord for all the blessing. Keep them coming, Lord. I Love You, Panginoon. :)


  1. Haha! Your post made me smile! I love this phone as well. I spent hours playing with it.

  2. cc_bro, haha! Thanks tooo! Gtalk? :D