Monday, May 13, 2013

Cashier - Ipil Machine Shop

So, the title is obvious. Had my first real job after being unemployed for almost a year. It wasn't really planned. I just tried to apply. Happy they called me and there. I didn't stay long though, the original plan was that I will not work here anymore. I'm just going to wait for mom's foreign assignment but this happened. I'm very glad it did. It was a great experience. Made new friends, very good good friends. My workplace isn't really that nice, it's a machine shop but I got used to it. I loved it. My first day was like so hard, I wanted to quit, I wanted to cry but I survived that day and the next and the next. Then everyone is my friend. YAY! They were all so nice to me. I am also very lucky because our boss, the owner is so down to earth, he allowed me to work for like less than a month. I thought it was going to be my first and last day. I started April 17, 2013 until May 10, 2013. The last day I was there, May 11, 2013 we had lunch together, all of us, we were laughing the whole day. I didn't really want to leave but family first, I wanted to be with my mom. I want to be my her side. I will cherish the moments and the people. I'm so proud that it was my first job ever. It was so fun working. I love them, really. I wanted to hug them all but I was a little shy. HAHA! Thank You, Lord. I am really blessed and loved. I am so lucky.  :)

Below are photos with my new friends, the work place and other stuff.

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