Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old post from my deleted BLOG III.

Two thumbs up for this movie. *clap* I soooo Love this movie.

I saw some of the episode but was not really a fanatic of it. The movie then was showed in the Cinema here in our place but I was not able to watch because I didn't feel like it. So yeah, there. My mom's home and brought some dvds. It's our sembreak, time to rest and relax. So my bro and I decided to watch, we picked this movie. :)

What I liked most in this movie was the end part where everyone lived happily ever after, LOL! :) and the part where Parker's Husband to be had some doubt about marrying her and did not attend the wedding then saw parker and ask for forgiveness and all. I felt for the movie really, I mean I know how it really sucks getting hurt. And while I was watching that part of the movie, I felt so sad. Good thing my brother was with me watching so I managed to control my tears from falling. :)

What I LOVED most in that movie was the friendship of the 4 ladies. It was very nice, I mean they were there for each other no matter what. They may have some misunderstandings but still they will stick with each other NO MATTER what really. I hope I had that kind of relationship too with my close friends but no. Tsk. Everyone's just very busy with their own life. So it leaves me alone. (emo!) But seriously, I feel so alone. Happy outside but Sad in the inside. :(

Anyway, enough of me. Sex and The City Movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen, taught me so much. This movie RockS! So if you haven't seen it, go rent or buy a cd/dvd. Enjoy! Thank You! :)

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