Thursday, June 17, 2010


Woohoo. It's back to school. Frankly, I AM NOT EXCITED. Hoho. But I just have no choice but to face it, live with it. Right? Anyway, I have like 3 subjects only. My sched is not tight at all. Isn't great? Haha! Anyway, will now update you on things that I am going GAGA as of the moment. And anything and everything about ME, yes MEEE. :) Number ONE is the one and only, JOSE MARIE VICERAL very well known as VICE GANDA. ♥ ♥ My Nokia E71 that my mom gave me weeks ago, her old phone but I am so satisfied. I know it is well taken care of and it's a blessing. So be contented. :) I am also GAGA over Twitter, recently I had 1,000 followers already. And still counting. YAY! It is a big number of followers already for someone ordinary like me. And of course, BLOGGER, my BLOG. I am now in the mood of updating my post, editing the background and all. I love it. And oh, tomorrow is going to be fun, I really hope. After my 2 hour class with a prof that I do not want to be with, HAHA! Imma watch movie with my dad. YAY! So I just run out of words. Guess I need to go. Be back the sooness. Much LOVE. ♥

---* sweet♥

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