Friday, October 1, 2010


HAHA! You like? My 1st Nokia C3. It got broken because of my stupidness, I wanted to change the cover badly and this is what I got. The phone already has a blue cover and I sold it the next day, I felt disappointed already. That's how I got my Nokia C3 Gold White. So yea, twas sad, I really loved the pink one but I sorta moved on. Did not like the Nokia C3 Gold White much so hear check out my other post for updates. ☺


  1. what happen? I have this kind of phone also and I want to change the casing and the keypad because it has so many scratches..

    It has a screw in front cover??

  2. Leonard, it got broken because I was trying to change the case. I didn't realized it had a screw in the middle. So yea, that's the result.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too! :D