Friday, October 1, 2010

Do You Wi-Fi?

"Do you Wi-Fi?" The quote that is given to the Samsung Corby Wifi also known as the Samsung S3653W. A Corby unit with a Wifi obviously. I sold my Nokia C3 Gold White AGAIN and I bought this one. I did not like the C3 much already because it is not the pink one, I had the C3 for almost a month also. So anyway, I am so loving the phone, it is better than Nokia C3, feature and performance wise. I wanted the pink one but they did not have it already, Yellow will work for me. ☺ The total difference with Corby Wifi and Nokia C3 aside from Corby is Touch screen and C3 is qwerty and they are both the cheapest Wifi Phones, in Touch screen and Qwerty categories, Corby Wifi has a DICTIONARY, Corby Wifi's camera is clearer than Nokia C3's (They both have 2mp without flash), the very known changeable back covers and the fonts that you can change, I so love that. And others. I am not into touch screen but I can deal with it. I had a Samsung Star too, I loved it, was enjoying touch screen already but I did not like it because it had no Wifi. I was really suppose to buy a Samsung Star Wifi but I thought that I know how Star works already and my budget could only fit to a Corby Wifi so I decided to get this. The obvious difference that Corby and Star has is the camera since Star has a 3.2mp and a Corby has a 2mp. Like I have written above, Corby's camera is clear enough and I can live with it. So there. Will be posting more about this phone later. Thank You. ☺

Below are the some photos of my phone. ☺

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    How much is the corby? I didn't see this when I bought my phone, sayang, I would've considered this because of the touch screen