Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creeds Rom (Custom Rom) for Samsung Galaxy Y.

I was bored with the old and original look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy Young so I decided to try the Creeds Rom. Suprisingly, it is not hard. You just have to follow instructions. It's really cool. I loved it but just for a couple of days. Made me miss the original thing. You just have to download things then transfer it to your memory card. The Calculator and Memo were lost but other than that, everything else is there. I love the black and blue colors that it has. Two of my fave colors. HAHA! I will not be posting the steps. I am just going to give you the links: Creeds Rom 1 and Creeds Rom 2. There, just click it. Have fun.
Below are the screen shots of my Samsung Galaxy Y with a Creeds Rom.



  1. I didnt like the music player at all so replaced that with ttPod.. better

  2. download roms & themes for galaxy y at

  3. did theyfix the earphone problem? i noticed that my earphone socket was put out of commission when i flashed this rom

  4. dude first u replace your stock ROM with DXKJ3 and then flash it to creeds, Definitely earphone works well yesterday on i upgraded to creeds2.0 its just amazing

    But don't update creeds2.1 it doesn't have DSP Manager which boosts audio and video sound effects