Thursday, February 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Mini Review.

Another Android phone I got to own for a couple of days. Well I kind of swapped my Samsung Galaxy Young with this to a friend. I do not like it much. I mean it's okay. I like it because it is big and its camera is 3.2 megapixels. But performance wise, Galaxy Young is definitely better. And So I am getting my Galaxy Y later. YAY! :D

But do not get me wrong. This phone is good and of course, it is Android. It also has a good battery. Last longer than the Galaxy Young. Froyo on the other hand is slow. So I got the chance to upgrade this to Gingerbread and it's smooth. A little but like Galaxy Young too. It was like I had Galaxy Young and Galaxy Mini together. Cool eh? :) It has earphone, charger and usb cable with it. And the Kies and manual too. If I will rate this phone. it's 7/10. Good enough. :)

 More actual photos of the Galaxy Mini. Taken using my Mom's Nokia C5.

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