Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anyo Nuevo.

I have no photos to post because there's none. I'm just going to write about it anyway. HAHA. So, 2013. It was a good year. It is always a good year, of course. :D First job, first salary, Australia, iPhone 5s, my Love and most specially everyone I love is safe and alive, few of the highlights of my 2013. I had some problems along the way but I've been blessed more. Though I can't remember much from it. HAHA! Lucky I am! I am still here, breathing and able to see and be with my family. God is always good. Looking forward to 2014. Fresh start. I am a bit nervous and scared but I know He is always there and also those people who loves me. I know I can do this. Keep them coming but be gentle, please. HAHA! Let's keep a positive attitude and maintain the good vibes. Do not take anything around you for granted, specially the people who loves you no matter what. Smile and be happy, loves. Be safe. May God bless each and everyone of us. The very best for 2014. :D GOD LOVES YOU!

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